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Vibro Grain Seprator

Vibro Grain Seprator
Vibro separator is suitable for efficient cleaning & grading of all types of grains and seeds, pulses, oil seeds, etc. Industrial Vibro Separator Machine is used to separate out impurities, which are bigger / smaller than seed size along with thrash and sutli. Self-cleaning rubber balls on the sieve are installed. The intake hopper of the machine is equipped with canvas clothes. There are two vibrating screens, the top screen for removing oversized impurities and the bottom screen for removing under-size impurities such as sand, shriveled grain etc. The machine is driven by Vibro Electric Motors.

  • Salient Features
    Less maintenance Low power consumption, high efficiency and high capacity.
  • Easy and minimum maintenance, trouble-free operation.
  • Possibility to reach maximum capacity and efficiency for various grains with adjustable sieve angle, 180° motor adjustment as per requirement
  • Quick and easy replacement of sieves,
  • Self cleaning